Personalized soy candles

Give a candle, a gift that appeals to everyone!

For your wedding, a launch, an event or for a corporate gift,
we will create your personalized soy candles.

Step 1: Select your label

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Step 2: Select your fragrance

Choose from: our classic collection ou our caffeinated collection.

Step 3: Select your container

Container color: amber or transparent

Metal cover color: white or black
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Step 4: Select your desired quantity & format

Minimum required: 25 candles per fragrance, per format.

4 oz format: 30 hours of combustion = $11.20 per candle
8 oz format:
50 hours of combustion = $19.20 per candle

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Step 5: Place your order online

Place your order here:
Production time: between 3 and 5 weeks.


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Some of our clients

3 fois par jour (private label)
Groupe TVA (corporate)
Nox : Luxury Sex Toy Shop (private label)
Luminaire Authentik (launch)
Groom (private label - for men)
La Petite Garçonne (collab)
Annex Vintage (business)