Ambassador program request

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By agreeing to be an ambassador for our affiliate program, you accept the following terms and conditions:
  • you must use your legal personal information and provide a valid email address;
  • not to share and disclose access to your ambassador account;
  • use your promo code on your social networks and other media platforms only;
  • you must reach a total of $50 in commission earned to receive your first payment, any commission that has not reached this amount will not be paid;
  • your promo code does not have a deadline however, it cannot be unused for more than 2 months without which we can end your role as ambassador;
  • you can end your role as ambassador at any time;
  • T. Lees reserves the right to update and modify the terms and conditions of its program without notice. Any change to the program concerning the commissions will be communicated to the ambassadors, T. Lees will require the consent of the modifications made;
  • T. Lees reserves the right to terminate an ambassador for its affiliate program at any time and under any breached conditions. This will stop the commissions / payments due.