Bougie bouquet - T. Lees

Bouquet candle

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T. Lees x Florilège

The scent of this candle is reminiscent of a freshly cut spring flower bouquet or a stroll in a budding garden after the winter thaw.

Florilège Jardinerie Urbaine first approached us last winter to elaborate a signature candle that captures the scent of their boutique. We bonded over our love and support of small local business and our passion for our respective art forms. A collaboration project came naturally to create a line of candles inspired by the botanical world.

Fragrance notes : Jasmine, lilac and damp earth

Category : Floral

Mood : Nostalgic

Intensity : 4/5

Burning time :

8 oz | 225 g = 40 to 50 hours

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