Recycling program

You want to make an ecological gesture while saving money? We are now recycling your T. Lees candle jars! 

Bring us your empty jars in exchange for a reduction on your next T. Lees purchase (our homemade products).

8oz jar = $3.00 (medium size)
4oz jar = $2.00 (small size)

We accept jars at our store only. Leave the labels on your jars.

Other ideas for reusing your jars

For your bathroom

  • Perfect size for cotton swabs
  • Elastics and small hair accessories
  • Makeup brushes or toothbrush
  • Bath salt

For your kitchen or terrace

  • Jars for spices or tea
  • Light up your terrace with a small light inside
  • Convenient for buying bulk food
  • Vase for cacti, succulent or even your herbs

Cleaning: if you want to use your jars for your food, make sure you clean them well, preferably with vinegar.