Recycling program

You want to make an ecological gesture while saving money? We are now recycling your T. Lees candle jars! 

Bring us your empty jars in exchange for a reduction on your next T. Lees purchase (candle, soap and lip balm at regular price).

Small jars 8 oz / 109 g = $3 each
Medium jars 4 oz / 225 g = $2 each

We accept jars at our workshop, according to our opening hours only. Leave the labels on your jars.

The boutique being closed, when we receive your empty containers, we will send you by email, a unique code, giving you access to the credit to use on a next purchase.

* Limit of one code per transaction. The total amount of the credit must be used on the same transaction.

Other ideas for reusing your jars

For your bathroom

  • Perfect size for cotton swabs
  • Elastics and small hair accessories
  • Makeup brushes or toothbrush
  • Bath salt

For your kitchen or terrace

  • Jars for spices or tea
  • Light up your terrace with a small light inside
  • Convenient for buying bulk food
  • Vase for cacti, succulent or even your herbs

Cleaning: if you want to use your jars for your food, make sure you clean them well, preferably with vinegar.